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Taxi Fares

Lt TAXIS is entirely different to almost all other taxi operators in the UK, as we have fixed tariffs for all journeys based on the estimated time and distance of each journey. 

Consistent, Competitive and Fair Taxi Pricing

When taxi drivers and in-particular private hire operators quote, their prices are based on a variety of factors that often don't really relate to their own costs. That is why it is very difficult to obtain consistent quotes/prices for any given journey, even with the same taxi operator!

Lt TAXIS have a consistent approach based on time and distance which is the same, every time, and is applied to all journeys across all of the South West (some peak time supplements apply on bank holidays etc.)

Our taxi fares are consistently audited to be the very cheapest or amongst the cheapest available within the South West taxi industry, so you don't need to shop around for quotes. You can trust us and know you are getting great value, every time.

The formula we use allows us to quote you quickly with the minimum of fuss, so for a virtually instant quote, send us an enquiry using our enquiry form!

Please be aware that certain times of the day are busier than others, especially school times where many rural taxi drivers have school contracts. ( 8am till 9.30am  and 3pm till 4.30pm) If your journey is needed during these hours it may be necessary for us to source a driver from further out of the immediate area to ensure your journey is carried out, however this may incur extra charges for the "dead mileage" the driver has to get to you. 

Unusual Taxi Bookings

Journeys taking place between the hours of 23:01 and 06:59 are not usually quoted for. 

We cannot quote for journeys for a two week period around Christmas and New Year. This is because our offices are closed for the holiday. 

Waiting Charge:

A Waiting time supplement is the additional fee charged to the Customer by the Company/Driver in the instance that the Customer, any additional Passenger(s) and any luggage or personal items are not ready for collection at the time stipulated by the Customer or Client when the Booking was originally made.  The Company will allow 5 minutes for waiting or loading when picking up Passenger(s).  In the event that this waiting period is longer than 5 minutes the Driver reserves the right to charge the Customer a Waiting Time Supplement of £0.20 per minute.

More than 4 passengers:

In the instance that there are 5, 6, 7 or 8 passengers requiring a journey, i.e. a larger or more than one vehicle is required, then an additional 50% charge is applicable as above, Peak Charge 1. Please ensure the number of passengers is made clear at the point of obtaining a quote.

Soiling of vehicle:

The Company and/or the Driver reserves the right to charge reasonable cleaning charges and also for loss of earnings for the driver in the event of spillages or in the event that any Passenger vomits or otherwise soils or damages a Passenger Vehicle.

Oversized luggage items or animals:

Lt TAXIS and/or the Driver reserve the right to charge a Customer an additional supplement of £5 per item considered as oversized luggage or an animal. Assistance dogs are exempt from this supplement.

Rural Top Up Charge:

Lt TAXIS and/or the Driver reserve the right to charge a Customer a minimum £5 charge if a journey booked by the Customer is located in a particularly rural or secluded location then a sufficient additional charge may be applied by the Company at the point of a quotation.