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"Thanks for helping us book our taxi journeys for later this month. A great service, really simple & easy to sort all our journeys through your one company. We look forward to meeting Rob our driver!"
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Lt TAXIS in Sidmouth, Devon

Our Sidmouth Taxi Service

Our Sidmouth Taxis can take you anywhere, from wherever you happen to be.  Whether you want to go from one end of Sidmouth to the other, or further up, down or across the County, Sidmouth Taxis can take you.   Sidmouth Taxis offer you a reliable and value for money service.   Click on the link to view our full customer charter.   You can book Journeys in advance or you can book with short notice.    Perhaps your young son or daughter is going to a nightclub and has no transport home.  You could arrange for Sidmouth Taxis to collect him or her and be confident in the knowledge that his or her safety is assured.  Our pledge to you, our customer, is that you can always rely on a clean and tidy taxi, with a driver that has been police checked and is dependable and professional.   If the service you receive from Sidmouth Taxis falls short of your expectation, there is a formal complaints procedure.  So if reliability and safety are important to you, and of course they are, then use Sidmouth Taxis, every time.


About Sidmouth

Sidmouth is a town overlooking the English Channel in Devon.   Sidmouth is a favourite place to retire to and of its population of about 15,000, over 40% are over the age of 65, according to the Office for National Statistics report of 2004.  The town is a very popular tourist resort and one of the gateways to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.  Originally referred to as Sedemuda in the Doomsday Book, Sidmouth was a fishing village but the lack of a harbour or shelter for ships and sailors prevented its growth into a significant port. Sidmouth remained a small village until it became fashionable during the Georgian and Victorian periods for people to 'take the sea air' and the village developed into a successful coastal resort. The fine Georgian and Regency arcitecture bears evidence of this and the villas and mansions are now mostly hotels. Sidmouth is home to the Norman Lockyer Observatory and Planetarium, located on Salcombe Hill. The facility, completed in 1912, fell into disuse but was saved from demolition by the appeals of enthusiasts to East Devon District Council. The observatory now operates as a science education project and is open to the public.


Events in Sidmouth

Sidmouth Folk Week is a famous annual folk festival held in early August attracting numerous musicians and visitors from all over the world.  The format changed due to withdrawal of commercial sponsors but the event has evolved into Sidmouth Folkweek Productions and the show goes on!  To find out more click on the link.  Click here to find out about all the other things going on in the town.

Where is Sidmouth?

Sidmouth lies 15 miles (24 km) southeast of Exeter at the mouth of the River Sid, in a valley between Peak Hill to the west and Salcombe Hill to the east. Plymouth (Smeaton's Tower) is 45 miles (73 km) to the south west and Land's End is 118 miles (190 km) also to the south west.  In the opposite direction Bristol lies 65 miles (97km) to the north north east and Central London is 147 miles (236 km) to the north east.

Where can our Sidmouth taxis meet you?

Whether you are at the football club, cricket club or the rugby club for lunch and have decided to leave the car behind, or at the hospital after an appointment or visiting time, we can get you home.  If you are a visitor to the town and need a few reference points, we suggest anywhere along the Esplanade using any of the hotels as your reference point.  We can collect you from any hotel, public house or restaurant and can pick you up from your home, work or holiday address.   Whatever is most convenient for you.

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