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Lt TAXIS in Combe Martin, Devon

Our Combe Martin Taxi Service

Combe Martin Taxis are part of LT Taxis & Private Hire Services, and naturally cover the town of  Combe Martin and the surrounding district.  But did you know that they actually cover all the counties in the south west of England, namely Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as well?  No matter where you want to go, whatever the distance, as long as your journey starts or ends in either Cornwall, Devon or Somerset, we can take you.  We are a company offering taxi and private hire services so on your next trip abroad why not weigh up the cost of fuel and parking charges at the airport, against a relaxing trip with our driver taking the strain? We will take you to any airport in the United Kingdom and will collect you at the end of your trip.  We offer you a reliable and value for money service of which we are confident you will not find elsewhere.    You can book with us at short notice or in advance.  You can book a one-off journey or a regular trip.  Perhaps your young son or daughter is going to a nightclub and has no transport home.  You could arrange for Combe Martin Taxis to collect him or her and be confident in the knowledge that his or her safety is assured.  Our pledge to you, our customer, is that you can always rely on a clean and tidy taxi, with a dependable and professional driver who has been DBS police checked.  Click on the highlighted link to view our full customer charter.   So....... if reliability and safety are important to you, and we know that of course they are, then use us at Combe Martin Taxis, every time!

About Combe Martin

Combe Martin is a village, civil parish and former manor on the North Devon coast.  It is a small seaside resort on the north-west edge of the Exmoor National Park.  The village lies in a narrow valley which dictates the layout of the village and is essentially a single street stretching for 2 miles between the top of the valley to the sea.  Combe Martin has the Guinness world record for the world's longest street party.  There is evidence of Iron Age occupation at nearby Newberry Castle fort.  Study of the name reveals that  "Combe" is derived from Old English cumb meaning "wooded valley".  The 'Martin' suffix on the place name is from the name of the FitzMartin family, who featured during the 12th century fudes which occurred around that time.   There are several disused silver mines on the eastern ridge and some relics from that age can still be seen, including the remains of a wheelhouse used to lift ore from the mine.  Combe Martin silver has been used in the Crown Jewels and some war expenses of Edward the Third and Henry the Fifth were paid for by the sale of silver mined here.

Events in Combe Martin

There is plenty to do in Combe Martin and the surrounding area, and there are two very good websites that give you all the information you need to ensure that you don't miss anything.  Click here for things exclusive to Combe Martin or here for events in the wider area.

Where is Combe Martin?

Combe Martin is a village, civil parish and former manor on the North Devon coast about 4 miles (6.4 km) east of Ilfracombe and 9 miles (14.5 km) north of Barnstaple.  The large town of Okehamton lies 32 miles (51 km)  to the south whilst the City of Exeter lies 40 miles (60.5 km) to the south east.  Lands End is 108 miles (174 km) to the south west and Central London is  170 miles (274 km) to the east.

Where can our Combe Martin taxis meet you?

We can pick you up from your home or work address, or your holiday accommodation.  If you are visiting Combe Martin and need a landmark to meet a taxi, then here are a few.  the list is not exhaustive of course.

Wildlife and Dinosaur Park
Fuel Garage at the top of the the village or Hansons Garage
Methodist Church, Castle Street
The Parish Church or the war memorial gardens in Bowling Green Lane
Castle Inn or the Village Hall on the High Street
Baptist Church
Post Office
Pack of Cards Pub
Or, down at the beach, the Tourist Information office or any of the public houses.

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