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"Very efficient team! Your driver found us on time, even though the house we were staying at was right at the end of a remote lane. The dispatcher had made a big effort to get all the location details. A pleasant chat on the history of the Lizard area made the journey to Redruth station an education. 5*s!"
- Nicholas Daly

Lt TAXIS in Brixham, Devon

Our Brixham Taxi Service

Brixham Taxis are part of LT Taxis,  and naturally cover Brixham and the surrounding district.  But did you know that Brixham Taxis actually cover all the counties in the south west of England, namely Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as well?  Wherever you want to go, from wherever you happen to be, as long as your journey originates or terminates in the south west, then call us at Brixham Taxis.    We will take you to any airport in the United Kingdom so next time you are travelling abroad why not weigh up the cost of fuel and parking charges at the airport, against a relaxing trip with our driver taking the strain?  We offer you a reliable and value for money service of which we are confident you will not find elsewhere.    You can book with us at short notice or in advance.  You can book a one-off journey or a regular trip.  All our drivers are DBS police checked and can be entrusted with the welfare of your precious loved ones.  Perhaps your child would have to miss a birthday party because you have no transport........  You could arrange for Brixham Taxis to collect him or her and be confident in the knowledge that his or her safety is assured.  Our pledge to you, our customer, is that you can always rely on a clean and tidy taxi, with a dependable and professional driver.  If the service you receive from us falls short of your expectation, we have a formal complaints procedure.  Click on the highlighted link to view our full customer charter.   So if reliability and safety are important to you, and we know that of course they are, then use us at Brixham Taxis, every time.

About Brixham

The fishing town of Brixham is in the county of Devon, and lies at the southern end of Torbay, facing Torquay across the bay.   At the time of the 2001 census it had a population of 17,457.  It is thought that the name 'Brixham' came from 'Brioc's village'. 'Brioc' was an old English personal name and '-ham' is an ancient term for village.  The terrain is very hilly and the town is built around the harbour.  The main employment of Brixham is fishing and tourism and the town is part of the 'The English Riveria'.  Brixham boasts a replica of the 'Golden Hind', the famous ship of Sir Francis Drake.

Although there is unverified evidence of Ice age inhabitants here and probable trading in the Bronze Age, the first actual evidence of a town is from the Saxon times.   The Doomsday Book refers to Brixham as 'Briseham' and at that time the population was 39.


Events in Brixham

Every summer the Cowtown carnival is held in Brixham.  This serves as a reminder of when the town was two separate communities, linked only by a marshy lane.  The area called Cowtown was the area on top of the hill where the farmers and agricultural workers lived, and a mile downhill near the harbour was where the fishermen and seamen lived.  Click here for more information about this carnival.  Another regular event in Brixham is the Hap'nin', a musical event over two days every July.  For more details about this event and other information about Brixham click here




Where is Brixham?

As the crow flies, Brixham lies 4 miles (6.5 km) to the north east of Dartmouth.    The A3022 goes right into the town.  A few other straight line distances are:  Torquay 4.5 miles to the north, across the Torbay, Smeaton's Tower (Plymouth) lies 28 miles (45 km) to the east and Bristol City Centre is 83 miles (133.6 km) to the north north east.

Where can our Brixham taxis meet you?

Obviously we can collect you from your home or holiday address, but if you are visiting Brixham here are a few landmarks:-

The Quay

The bus station in Middle Street

The Brixham Theatre in New Road

The Methodist Church in Fore Street

Any of the various public houses or hotels in the town and surrounding area.

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