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Lt TAXIS in Bideford, Devon

Our Bideford Taxi Service

As part of LT Taxis, our Bideford Taxis naturally cover Bideford and the surrounding district.  But did you know that we actually cover all the counties in the south west of England, namely Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as well?  Wherever you want to go, from wherever you happen to be, as long as your journey originates or terminates in the south west, call us at Bideford Taxis.    On your next trip abroad why not weigh up the cost of fuel and parking charges at the airport, against a relaxing trip with our driver taking the strain?  We will take you to any airport in the United Kingdom.  We offer you a reliable and value for money service of which we are confident you will not find elsewhere.    You can book with us at short notice or in advance and you can book a one-off journey or a regular trip.  Perhaps your young son or daughter is going to a nightclub and has no transport home.  You could arrange for Bideford Taxis to collect him or her and be confident in the knowledge that his or her safety is assured.  Our pledge to you, our customer, is that you can always rely on a clean and tidy taxi, with a dependable and professional driver who has been DBS police checked.  If the service you receive from us falls short of your expectation, we have a formal complaints procedure.  Click on the highlighted link to view our full customer charter.   So if reliability and safety are important to you, and we know that of course they are, then use us at Bideford Taxis, as a matter of course!


About Bideford

Bideford (pronounced Biddyford) is a small port town on the mouth of the River Torridge in north Devon.  The people of Bideford are sometimes known as "Bidefordians".  The origins of the name is fairly obvious, meaning 'by the ford' and historical records show that there was indeed once a ford at this location across the River Torridge.  Bideford was the major port in the area between 1550 and 1750.   The iconic Long Bridge spanning the river and connecting the East and West of the town was said to have originally been built out of timber in the year 1286.  In 1474 the original structure was replaced by the masonry arch bridge seen today.  The bridge was built around the timber so people could still use it while construction was taking place.  The bridge has 24 arches, all of different sizes.  The traditional explanation is that each arch was funded by a different local guild,  although there are no records to confirm this.   Another theory is that the piers of the arches of the bridge were built on naturally existing and therefore randomly situated large stones in the river.  Whatever the true explanation, the bridge is certainly an essential photo opportunity!   Many of the grand merchant houses, and the refurbished indoor Pannier Market are on Bridgeland Street.   Today the new bridge carries the A39 (Atlantic Highway) across the river linking Devon with Cornwall, but the old bridge can still be driven over!  The modern town is a thriving community with a variety of shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants which is in sharp contrast to the year 1682 when the Bideford witch trial saw the one of the last hangings for witchcraft in England with the hanging of the three women involved (Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susannah Edwards).




Events in Bideford

 For very comprehensive information regarding Bideford, its events, attractions, facilities and amenities, visit Devon Link and make sure you know all there is to know!


Where is Bideford?

The town of Bideford is situated on the River Torridge on the north coast of Devon, almost overlooking the Bristol Channel.   As the crow flies it lies 94 miles (151 km) north east of Land's End and 45 miles (72.5 km) almost due north of Plymouth.  Exeter lies 37 miles (60 km) to the south east and Central London is 180 miles (289.5 km) east-north-east of Bideord.

Where can our Bideford taxis meet you?

A few notable landmarks could be Tesco's or Morrison's supermarket, Bideford Hospital, at the foot of the bridge by the Council Offices, (west side of river) or the Royal Hotel car park on the east side of the river.  Don't forget though that we can collect you from wherever you wish, whether that is your home or work address or any pub, club or restaurant if you have been out for the evening.  

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