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"Thanks for helping us book our taxi journeys for later this month. A great service, really simple & easy to sort all our journeys through your one company. We look forward to meeting Rob our driver!"
- Mark from Dagenham March '14

Lt TAXIS in Appledore, Devon

Our Appledore Taxi Service

Our Appledore Taxis obviously cover Appledore and all the surrounding area.  But we, as part of Lt Taxis can take you anywhere you want to go, from anywhere you happen to be.  We at Appledore Taxis offer private cab and hire car services and pride ourselves on always providing a clean and tidy vehicle that will be professionally driven by a driver who has undergone a police check.  We offer you a reliable and value for money service.  Because all our drivers are DBS police checked, you can arrange Appledore Taxis to collect your daughter from a nightclub or her school prom anywhere in Devon (or Cornwall for that matter!) and rest assured that she will get home safely.  You can book a regular journey or a one-off trip.  Newt time you are going to the airport, why not weigh up the cost of fuel and airport parking against travelling with Appledore Taxis and relaxing all the way!

About Appledore

Appledore is a coastal village sitting at the estuary of the Rivers Taw and Torridge in the county of Devon.  Home to the world famous Appledore Shipyard, this has been a  thriving fishing and trading village since back in the 14th century.  The boat building trade is very traditional and indeed Appledore Shipyard is still very active today and provides employment for many of the town's residents.  There is an RNLI lifeboat slipway at the head of the village and the famous Hocking's Ice Cream is made in Appledore.    A settlement at this location can be traced as far back as Saxon times when Hubba the Dane led his Viking raiders to defeat in the Battle of Bloody Corner around 878 AD.   One of the earliest recorded place names for this village was Tawmutha which means the mouth of the Taw and its present name is believed to have Celtic origins and translates as 'a settlement by a pool of water'.



Events in Appledore

There is a regular programme of events in Appledore.  Be sure you don't miss anything by checking the events website for all the info.


Where is Appledore?

Appledore is situated on the west bank of the tidal River Torridge at the point where it meets with the River Taw.  Then they jointly flow NW for 4 km to Bideford Bay.   Bideford town and port lies 4 km upstream.   A few straight line distances are: Bude 22 miles (35.5 km),  Okehampton 23.5 miles (38 km), Exeter 37 miles (59.5 km) and London 180 miles (290 km).



Where can our Appledore taxis meet you?

Of course we can collect you from anywhere you wish, whether it is home or at the pub, your workplace or doctor's surgery. If you are not familiar with Appledore, a few useful landmarks could be: Appledore Quay, opposite the Seagate Hotel, or perhaps outside St Mary's Church on Churchfield Road (there are some seats by the War Memorial).  You call the shots, just be sure to call Appledore Taxis!


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