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Very Efficient Team!

"Very efficient team! Your driver found us on time, even though the house we were staying at was right at the end of a remote lane. The dispatcher had made a big effort to get all the location details. A pleasant chat on the history of the Lizard area made the journey to Redruth station an education. 5*s!"
- Nicholas Daly

Lt TAXIS in St. Agnes, Cornwall

Our St. Agnes Taxi Service

Our St Agnes Taxis do not only cover the village, they cover all the surrounding area as well.  St Agnes Taxis can take you anywhere, from wherever you are.  Whether you want to go from one end of St Agnes to the other, to a nearby village or much further afield, we at St Agnes Taxis can take you.   Our pledge to you, our customer is that you can always rely on a clean and tidy taxi, with a driver who has been DBS (formerly CRB) police checked and is dependable and professional.   Journeys can be booked in advance or you can book with short notice.    For instance, you could arrange for St Agnes Taxis to collect your young daughter from a nightclub anywhere in Cornwall, confident in the knowledge that her safety is assured.   In short, St Agnes Taxis as part of Lt Taxis offer you a reliable and value for money service.   If the service you receive from us falls short of your expectation, there is a formal complaints procedure.  Click on the link to view the full Customer Charter.   So, if reliability and safety are important to you, use St Agnes Taxis every time.

About St. Agnes

St Agnes (Cornish: Breanek) is a civil parish and a large village on the north coast of Cornwall and was a prehistoric and modern centre for the mining of copper and tin.  This industry sadly died out around the 1920s.  Other local industries have included farming and fishing, and more recently tourism.  The town has an excellent museum full of fascinating artifacts and information about the town.   The district has a heritage of industrial archaeology and there are remains in the parish from the stone-age.  St Agnes Beacon takes a dominant position over the town and during the Napoleonic Wars a guard was stationed on the hill to look out for French ships and light a warning fire if any were seen.   Nowadays lightings of the St. Agnes Beacon are confined to events such as jubilees of the reigning monarch and was recently lit during the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Events in St. Agnes

St Agnes holds several annual events, including Lifeboat Day, The Bolster Festival, St Agnes Carnival and Bellyboarding Championships.  And of course there are lots of other one-time events.  For a full run-down of everything going on in St Agnes why not view their What's On page to ensure you don't miss a thing?!

Where is St. Agnes?

The village is about five miles (8 km) north of Redruth and ten miles (16 km) southwest of Newquay and lies on the B3285.   Perranporth is 3.5 miles (5.6 km) to the north by road.  A few approximate straight line distances that may be useful are:- Land's End 28 miles (45 km) to the south west, Truro 7 miles (11 km) to the south east, Plymouth 47 miles (76 km) to the east, Exeter 80 miles (129 km) to the north east and central London 236 miles (380 km) to the north east. 


Where can our St. Agnes taxis meet you?

We can collect you from your home or holiday address and take you anywhere you wish to go, no matter what the distance.   If you are visiting St Agnes for the day we can collect you from the beach by Breakers, or at the Driftwood Spars.  Some other public houses are The St Agnes Meadery, The St Agnes Hotel, or the Peterville Inn.  Other landmarks are the parish church or the St Agnes Museum. 

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