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Very Efficient Team!

"Very efficient team! Your driver found us on time, even though the house we were staying at was right at the end of a remote lane. The dispatcher had made a big effort to get all the location details. A pleasant chat on the history of the Lizard area made the journey to Redruth station an education. 5*s!"
- Nicholas Daly

Lt TAXIS in Newlyn, Cornwall

Our Newlyn Taxi Service

Newlyn Taxis naturally cover Newlyn and the surrounding district.  But did you know that they actually cover all the County of Cornwall as well?  Wherever you want to go, from wherever you happen to be, call us at Newlyn Taxis.  We are a company offering taxi and private hire services so whether you want to go the short distance from one end of the village to the other, or anywhere else in the County, we can take you.    On your next trip abroad why not weigh up the cost of fuel and parking charges at the airport, against a relaxing trip with Newlyn Taxis taking the strain.  We offer you a reliable and value for money service that we are confident you will not find elsewhere.    You can book with us at short notice or in advance.  You can book a one-off journey or a regular trip.  Perhaps your young son or daughter is going to a nightclub and has no transport home.  You could arrange for Newlyn Taxis to collect him or her and be confident in the knowledge that his or her safety is assured.  Our pledge to you, our customer, is that you can always rely on a clean and tidy taxi, with a dependable and professional driver who has been DBS (formerly CRB)  police checked.  If the service you receive from Newlyn Taxis falls short of your expectation, we have a formal complaints procedure.  Click on the highlighted link to view our full customer charter.   So if reliability and safety are important to you, and we know that of course they are, then use us at Newlyn Taxis, as a matter of course!

About Newlyn

Newlyn is a town and fishing port in southwest Cornwall.  The name derives from the Cornish Lulyn - Lu 'fleet' and Lynn/Lynd 'pool' and means "pool for a fleet of boats" thought to refer to the shallow waters just offshore also referred to as Gwavas Lane.  Newlyn is the most southernmost town on the British mainland, although it is not the most sothernmost settlement, as that fame goes to the town of The Lizard. 

In 1755, a tsunami struck the village.  This was caused by an earthquake in Lisbon, some 600 miles away.  The sea rose ten feet in ten minutes at Newlyn and ebbed at a similar rate.  The event caused great loss of life and property.

Newlyn harbour is the largest fishing port in England and also has strong association with the creative arts world.  There are a number of artists and art galleries in the area and in September 2011, a contemporary Newlyn School of Art was formed with Arts Council funding.  For information about the School of Art, click here.

The UK National Tide and Sea Level Facility (NTSLF) maintains a tidal observatory at Newlyn, and the UK Fundamental Benchmark is maintained there.



Events in Newlyn

The most famous event in this town is the Newlyn Fish Festival which is normally held on the August bank holiday Monday.  For information about this fantastic day, click here.

Where is Newlyn?

Newlyn is located in West Cornwall.  (Do not confuse this town with Newlyn East, which is situated in the middle of the county)  In straight light distances:- 

Land's End lies 8 miles (12.8 km) to the west, Penzance (Quay) 1 mile (1.5 km) to the north east, with St Ives being 8 miles (12.4 km) to the north east.   The county town, Truro is 24 miles (38 km) north east.  St Mary's, the largest island in the archipelago of the Isles of Scilly lies 35.5 miles (57 km) to the south west.  These islands are accessible by boat from Penzance, or air from Land's End airfield. 

Our Newlyn Lt TAXI Drivers

If you're booking yourself a taxi within the Newlyn area it is highly likely you'll be driven by Marco or Jordan. Both of these drivers are very friendly and know their way around the west peninsula like the back of their hands, having driven in the area for a number of years. 

Where can our Newlyn taxis meet you?

Newlyn Taxis can pick you up from anywhere of your choice.  If you are already in the town and need somewhere to meet, the telephone box outside Barclays Bank at the junction of Strand, New Road and The Coombe is a fairly accessible place. But don't forget that we are able to pick you up from your home address or holiday accommodation too.

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