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"Thanks for helping us book our taxi journeys for later this month. A great service, really simple & easy to sort all our journeys through your one company. We look forward to meeting Rob our driver!"
- Mark from Dagenham March '14

Lt TAXIS in Mevagissey, Cornwall

Our Mevagissey Taxi Service

Mevagissey Taxis naturally cover Mevagissey and all the surrounding area.  But did you know that Lt TAXIS actually cover all the County of Cornwall as well? So if you think it's time to explore the beautiful Cornish County then we can be a one stop shop for all your taxi needs. So, when your'e in Mevagissey why not get in contact with our Mevagissey Taxis, they can take you where you need to go, be it a long or short journey we don't mind.

You can also rest assured that the service you receive from any of our Lt TAXIS from Mevagissey to anywhere will be second to none. As a company we pride ourselves on our three key principles: reliability, safety and comfort. So if you book a Mevagissey Taxi and don't feel we have satisfied our key principles then please let us know so we can resolve any issues you may have.

About Mevagissey

Mevagissey (Cornish: Lannvorek) is a village, fishing port and civil parish in Cornwall.  The village centre consists of narrow winding streets with many places to eat and shops catering to the tourist trade. The outer areas are built on the steep slopes of the surrounding hillsides and are mostly residential.  The first recorded mention of this fishing village dates from 1313 (when it was known as Porthhilly), but there is evidence of human habitation going as far back as the Bronze Age.   There are three Cornish Holy wells in this town.  The Brass Well and the Lady's Well are both situated in the manor of Treleaven, and the other holy well is within the gardens of Mevagissey House, the old vicarage.   Towards the end of the 17th century, Porthhilly as Mevagissey was then known, merged with the nearby hamlet of Lamoreck (or Lamorrick) to make the new village of Mevagissey.  The name derives from two Irish saints, St Meva and St Issey.  The "g"  in the name comes from hag, the Cornish word for "and" so it makes perfect sense!.  A notable son of the village is Andrew Pears who founded the famous Pears' Soap.  He was born in 1768 and had a barber's shop there until he moved to London in 1789.   Another claim to fame is that Mevagissey had a power station built in 1895, powered by pilchard oil, which provided electricity for the lighthouse and surrounding streets. Local sources claim that it was the first town in the country to have electric street lighting although that is not recorded as fact and is, actually, debatable!


Events in Mevagissey

June is a good month with the Sea Feast during the latter part of the month but events staged right through June and the Festival of Working sail too.  There is an annual diving festival held each year.  The annual Christmas Lights "switch on" is always a great favourite.  For further information regarding the town and its events and local attractions, why not visit the highlighted link?

Where is Mevagissey?

The village is situated approximately five miles (8 km) south of St Austell on the South Cornwall coast.  for information, some other straight line distances are as follows:-

Newquay 16 miles (26 km) to the north west
Plymouth 30 miles (49 km) to the east north east
St Austell centre 5 miles (8 km) to the north
Truro 12 miles (19 km) to the west
Land's End 43.5 miles (70km) to the west

Where can our Mevagissey taxis meet you?

If you don't know the Mevagissey area all that well we can meet you anywhere you choose, the Harbour outside a nominated pub or restaurant would be absolutely fine, or at the memorial in Church Street.  But don't forget we can pick you up from your home address or from your holiday accommodation or indeed anywhere, just give us your address and we'll be there! 

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