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"Very efficient team! Your driver found us on time, even though the house we were staying at was right at the end of a remote lane. The dispatcher had made a big effort to get all the location details. A pleasant chat on the history of the Lizard area made the journey to Redruth station an education. 5*s!"
- Nicholas Daly

Lt TAXIS in Camborne, Cornwall

Our Camborne Taxi Service

Our Lt taxi service which we provide across the entire county means that you can arrange for one of our Camborne Taxis to pick you up from any location (in the Camborne and surrounding area ) and we will take you to any destination you choose. We can arrange our Camborne Lt Taxis for your weekly supermarket shop, school run, or an airport run to Newquay!

Our Camborne Lt Taxi service will always assure you of a reliable and value for money taxi journey. Even a long distance journey with us won't seem too expensive! Safety is our key concern, and as such, all our drivers are DBS police checked so you can be assured our Camborne Lt Taxis can collect your daughter from a nightclub anywhere in Cornwall and get her home safely!

About Camborne

By comparison, Camborne is quite a young town. Originally a hamlet called Camborne Churchtown, surrounded by moorland, the mining success of the early 19th century saw Camborne grow and prosper, reaching the peak of its prosperity in the mid 1880s. By the year 1871 the town's population had had risen to 14,929, the highest in its history. This resulted in overcrowding and drunken brawls and lawless behaviour began to rear its head. The prevalent religion, Methodism could not contain this and was unable to keep the peace. The local police could not cope and the Militia was sent for! These officers were nicknamed the Red Jackets, and to this day this is remembered in the name of the pub in Trevenson Street.

Sadly, the last tin mine closed a few years ago and Camborne School of Mines is now located on the Tremough Campus in Falmouth, but there is still a lot of history to see and the very well preserved and presented buildings on the Great Flat Lode are well worth a visit. The meaning of Camborne in the Cornish Language Cornish: 'Kammbronn', 'Crooked Hill'.

Events in Camborne

Each April, Camborne pays homage to it's son, Richard Trevithick who was born in 1771 in Tregajorran near Illogan. The son of a local mine manager, his forte was engineering and between 1796 and 1901 he developed a steam carriage which could pull heavy loads uphill, something which until then, horses had struggled with. He demonstrated this steam carriage through the streets of Camborne in December 1801, an event which is still remembered by most Cornish Male Voice Choirs with the song 'Going Up Camborne Hill Coming Down'!! The first steam engine ran at a speed of 4 - 9 miles an hour. Later it was demonstrated in the Capital city. For more information on events in Camborne why not view the Cornwall What's On Guide.

Where is Camborne?

Camborne is very centrally located in west Cornwall, at the western edge of a conurbation comprising Camborne, Pool and Redruth.

It lies 3.39 miles from Portreath, the nearest beach, with Truro 11.52 miles to the East and Penzance 12.25 miles to the west. Falmouth is 10.92 miles to the south east and St Ives 8 miles to the north west and Newquay 16.91 miles to the north east. These distances are as the crow flies, but its central position makes Camborne an ideal base from which to explore Cornwall.

Where can our Camborne taxis meet you?

Our Lt Camborne Taxis can meet you anywhere in Camborne that you choose. Here are just a few suggestions but don't forget we can come straight to your door too:

  • Town Square (Natwest Bank)
  • Camborne Church
  • Camborne Railway Station
  • Camborne Bus Station
  • Tesco, Wesley Street.  
Anywhere in fact that you require Camborne Taxis we can pick you up, even if you are starting your journey from your home address!

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